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Melrose Music MM publishes music and recordings: Early and Contemporary
including a large number of works by Irish composers.

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About Melrose Music MM

Melrose Music MM publishes music and recordings: Early and Contemporary music including a large number of works by Irish composers. The early music in the catalogue is in reliable and practical performing editions.
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There is a continuously developing publishing programme  - we frequently introduce new and interestingcategories and regularly expand the lists - so it is a good idea to visit our website on a regular basis to keep up with developments.

We began publishing music in 2001 and our editions have received an enthusiastic welcome  from performers both amateur and professional. Performances of music from our catalogue have taken place in Dublin, Budapest, Bruges, London, Carlile, Germany, Japan and Monaco. Douglas Sealy in The Irish Times on 18th May 2001 wrote:

If I had been asked, before last Sunday's recital  [by Fishamble Voices directed by Brian MacKay] in the Hugh Lane Gallery, [Dublin] for the names of composers who had written for choirs in 18th-century Ireland, I should have been hard pressed for an answer. Now, not only are these names familiar .........but their music has become accessible, thanks to the scores edited and published by Douglas Gunn ..............the whole recital was a revelation.........

Music in Ireland.
There was a thriving musical life in Ireland particularly during the 17th and 18th centuries, focussed largely on Dublin and to a lesser extent Cork but spreading also throughout the country. (During this period Dublin was the world's second largest English speaking city.) In this milieu many native composers flourished and many foreign musicians visited, often settling here. It is hoped to reflect this ferment of musical activity and wealth of creative energy in our publications and recordings. It must be said that the beginning of the twenty-first century sees an even greater wealth of creativity in Ireland. If Melrose Music MM can reflect even a small part of this activity we shall be happy!

About our editions
For convenience of reference in our lists, the same music may be listed under more than one heading e.g. “Music featuring Recorders” contains music listed also under “Modern Instrumental Music”. Here as in life (thank goodness) the boundaries are sometimes blurred.

The music under the Melrose Music MM imprint in these lists is on high quality white (A4 size) paper and unless otherwise stated the front and back covers are in 160gsm card, with plastic binding combs.  This form of binding is very "user friendly" - it allows easy page turns and sits flat when on a music stand.

Please remember that Melrose Music MM editions are
available only directly from Melrose Music MM:
they are not available in retail outlets


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